Study the Bible with Ease in your language

Experience the word of God in your own culture as a Nigerian -Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba and even the awesome pidgin(though still under development). WaZoBia Bible gives you a unique view of the Bible in the Unity and Love of the Nigerian Religion.

Share in any language

Share your favorite quote or a book of the bible in Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, English and even the most interesting Pidgin language to friends and family through means like SMS, Email, Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. Maybe you just finished your morning devotion and wants to share that touching and heart piercing verse from the Holy Spirit. Thats an easy feature to start using once you get your hands on the WaZoBia Bible App

Save a Chapter for later study

Wow! the most demanded feature of WaZoBible Bible App. You can with a one touch on a button. Your chapter of the bible will be bookmarked for future reading. Maybe you will be the one to read a bible passage in tommorrow's morning devotion. Just bookmark it and once it is time, quckliy open the WaZoBia Bible app and get it from your bookmarks rather than searching again.What a time saver!

Read the Bible according to weather Condition

Are you concerned about the weather condition? Maybe it is day, night, dusk or sunny. Don't worry! we got you again on that. With Bible WaZoBia, you can study the bible according to a particular type of weather. Just with a click, you are there.

Schedule Daily Inspirational Quotes from the BIble

Are you in love or moved by bible quotes or you need awesome quotes to wake you up before your quite time with God. WaZoBia Bible App got your back on that. You can schedule daily inspirationals from the bible in any language suitable to you and once is that "5:00 AM". Your wake up call will be a selected quote from the Bible. Is'nt it awesome.

Visually impaired can still study and share

Are you short sighted or long sighted? Don't worry we taught of you with our one-click-choose font size to study the Bible with. When studying or referencing just click the option menu and you will see an option to set zoom in or out of texts.